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[ALL] Codici: Nuovi Furni Militare Army

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[ALL] Codici: Nuovi Furni Militare Army

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Su Habbo sono stati caricati Nuovi Codici riguardante l'arrivo di Nuovi Furni a tema Militare, prossima campagna in arrivo dopo quella Candy Land. Eccoli qui..


["army15_poster","Frank Needs YOU.","Don't let your side down."]
["army15_scanner","X-Ray Scanner","You can't hide anything from us!"]
["army15_statue","Mighty Creator of Habbo' Bust","Crafted from the finest bronze."]
["army_c15_bed","Camp Cot","Recline in thin fabric luxury"]
["army_c15_bookshelf","Metal Shelf","Books to pass the time."]
["army_c15_cabinet","Filing Cabinet","For important stuff."]
["army_c15_carpet","Short Blue Carpet","Hides mud."]
["army_c15_chair","Swivel Chair","Much fun. So spinny."]
["army_c15_compass","Compass","Not all Habbos who wander are lost."]
["army_c15_contable2","Conference Table Corner","Alert the President."]
["army_c15_contable","Conference Table","Alert the President"]
["army_c15_crate","Wooden Crate","For ammo and stuff."]
["army_c15_deskcomp","Rugged Laptop","Army Radio included."]
["army_c15_deskitem","Desktop Clutter","Maps, walkie-talkies and other stuff."]
["army_c15_doorscan","Body Scanner","Raise your arms above your head and shake your body side to side."]
["army_c15_food","Army Slop","Never turn down a hot meal."]
["army_c15_fuel","Fuel Cans","Running on fumes."]
["army_c15_gate","Barrier Arm Gate","Don't let it hit your car roof."]
["army_c15_glasscrn","Glass Room Divider Corner","Sleek and professional."]
["army_c15_glassdivdr","Glass Room Divider","Sleek and professional."]
["army_c15_groupflag","Group Flag","Show your pride."]
["army_c15_guardcub","Guard Stand","Mostly snoozin'"]
["army_c15_gunrack","Military Gun Rack","Mostly for show."]
["army_c15_insig","Habbo Forces Sign","Honorem, donum, pixelum."]
["army_c15_jerrycan","Jerry Can","FIYAHHHH"]
["army_c15_leatherchr","Executive Swivel Chair","Supple Leather, swivel fun."]
["army_c15_light","Overhead Light","Great for interrogation."]
["army_c15_locker","Foot Locker","Keep it organised or face the punishment."]
["army_c15_medictent","Medic Tent","Tis but a scratch. It is just a flesh wound!"]
["army_c15_notice","Notice Board","\"Wanted: Skilled Habbos\""]
["army_c15_officetent","Office Cubicle","For that extra bit of privacy."]
["army_c15_plant","Potted Peace-Lily Plant","Purifying the office air."]
["army_c15_sandbag","Sandbag","Keep the water out."]
["army_c15_screen","Flat Screen TV","Presidential Broadcast coming shortly."]
["army_c15_shipcon","Shipping Crate","Locked and loaded. Safe and sound."]
["army_c15_table","Folding Table","Perfect for on-the-go army tactics"]
["army_c15_teledoor","Conference Door","Taking you to important places."]
["army_c15_telemine","Army Teleport","Boom, there it is."]
["army_c15_wall","Conference Walls","Mahogany and tan."]
["army_c15_watchtwr","Watchtower","Keep an eye out for the enemy."]
["army_c15_wirecrn","Security Fence Corner","Razor sharp. Don't touch."]
["army_c15_wiredividr","Security Fence","Razor sharp. Don't touch."]

News Looks Militari 1: https://www.habbolifeforum.com/t39592-

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News Looks Militari 3: https://www.habbolifeforum.com/t39780-

Codici Furni Militare: https://www.habbolifeforum.com/t39897-

#militare #army

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