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[ALL] Codici Missioni Habbo HWC14!

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[ALL] Codici Missioni Habbo HWC14!

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Nei Server Sulake sono stati caricati dei Nuovi Codici legate alle Missioni che a breve arriveranno legati ai Mondiali di Calcio!

Eccoli, in lingua inglese:


quests.worldcup14_4.day4.chaincaption=Art experts?
    quests.worldcup14_4.name=Respect the Rival
    quests.worldcup14_4.questa.completed=Well done! Nano Montalvo and Leo Persie  can hear now the two men talking. They are arguing, but not about art! They realize that they are the director of the museum and the journalist of the Habbo Telepathy journal.nnThe journalist is almost shouting some serious accusations to the director. What's going on?
    quests.worldcup14_4.questa.desc=In front of a painting you look so interesting.
    quests.worldcup14_4.questa.hint=Leo Persie and Nano Montalvo are in front of one of the paintings of the museum. They are trying to identify if the piece is false, once that Montalvo had seen two guys doing what it might be an exchange of fake paintings some hours ago.nnHowever, they realize that their knowledge about art is far from being enough. They see on the other corner that two men are talking excitedly.nnThat's what our football players needed: two experts talking about art! But they are really far from their position.nnMontalvo and Persie don't want to risk and get an unfortunate injure trying to get close to the art experts. Hence they try to convince again the guard of the museum to do something .nnHe could make possible to hear those two men from their current position in the room! You probably know how to do that too!
    quests.worldcup14_4.questa.name=Art experts?
    quests.worldcup14_4.questb.completed=Excellent! Now they can read that the accusations consists in the director of the museum being exchanging the real paintings by fake ones. Then, the badn of the director sold the real pieces int he aftermarket and payed the corrupted referees!nnHelp Nano Montalvo and Leo Persie to advance in this exciting story!
    quests.worldcup14_4.questb.desc=The journalist and the director of the museum are arguing!
    quests.worldcup14_4.questb.hint=Nano Montalvo and Leo Persie realize that the journalist is accusing the director of the museum of corrupting the referees of the World Cup with expensive paintings!nnHowever, this substantial information is coming overlapped by loads of other chat lines. The journalist seems to be overloading the football players chat. What could they do to alleviate that?
    quests.worldcup14_4.questb.name=Too much information
    quests.worldcup14_5.day5.chaincaption=I need to share this
    quests.worldcup14_5.name=Respect the Rival
    quests.worldcup14_5.questa.completed=Now Leo Persie can open more threads in the forums. The flow of comments gets multiplied quickly. Keep help them in this story!
    quests.worldcup14_5.questa.desc=Nano Montalvo is back at his Hotel, he turns on his PC.
    quests.worldcup14_5.questa.hint=He is worried because his first match in the World Cup is approaching. There have been more surrising results and the strongest teams keep on losing!nnMontalvo doesn't want to give some credit to this story, but he decides to open a forum to discuss about it with his fans.nnHe gets some few answers, but the forum doesn't really  kick off. Afterall, most of his fans are in the other part of the world now, so they might be sleeping. He ask for some help to Leo Persie, who could add a huge amount of fans to that forum. But first he needs to change something  so his friend can join forces. What's that?
    quests.worldcup14_5.questa.name=I need to share this
    quests.worldcup14_5.questb.completed=Well done! Now the forum is in good shape. Montalvo's team mates did a good job and they discovered that the troll in the forum was the… journalist!nnHe is trying to sidetrack the attention of readers so Montalvo doesn't reveal his scoop. Keep helping Montalvo!
    quests.worldcup14_5.questb.desc=Someone is libeling Montalvo and Leo Persie in the forum.
    quests.worldcup14_5.questb.hint=There are many posts in the forum defaming Nano Montalvo and Leo Persie. Those are saying that the football players are involved in the case they state they want to solve. nnThings are getting out of control, so Montalvo decides to ask for help to all his football team to moderate the forum. But he is blocked. How to do that!
    quests.worldcup14_5.questb.name=Who's that troll?
    quests.worldcup14_6.1402928712798.completed=Exactly, Montalvo was getting muted constantly. He is so disappointed… how could a referee be so unfair!
    quests.worldcup14_6.1402928712798.desc=Nano Montalvo is in front of the referees representative.
    quests.worldcup14_6.1402928712798.hint=Every time that Nano Montalvo tries to accuse the referee of corruption, this one mutes the football player. Montalvo is desperate, he usually believed that referees were fair. What's that man trying to do? And how is it possible that he can't speak? Can you explain this?
    quests.worldcup14_6.1402928712798.name=Can't say a word
    quests.worldcup14_6.day6.chaincaption=Bad feelings
    quests.worldcup14_6.name=Respect the Rival
    quests.worldcup14_6.questa.completed=After a relaxing rest, Montalvo decides to go and talk to the referees representative. Follow him!
    quests.worldcup14_6.questa.desc=Nano Montalvo is completely gone.
    quests.worldcup14_6.questa.hint=The football megastar is extremely worried. Not only because he is now sure of the fact that corrupted referees are controlling the results of the World Cup but also because he is in the middle of the controversy, but also because he involved his friends in this too.nnHe tries to sleep a bit, but his bad feelings come to his mind repeating the same negative words. Ah! if he just could filter what kind of words came to his brain...nnWait a sec, that's possible! How?
    quests.worldcup14_6.questa.name=Bad feelings
    quests.worldcup14_7.day7.chaincaption=Respect the Rival
    quests.worldcup14_7.name=Respect the Rival
    quests.worldcup14_7.questa.completed=After the kicks rain, the journalist confesses. The referee was close to reveal a case of illegal betting. The unique escape for the journalist was to invent  a fake case that would sidetrack all the attention to the referees and his accomplice, the director of the museum. You almost solved the case!
    quests.worldcup14_7.questa.desc=Something doesn't match int he puzzle.
    quests.worldcup14_7.questa.hint=Montalvo thinks and thinks. The only reason why the referee would mute him would be that what Montalvo was saying wasn't true. That would mean that the referees are not corrupted!nnHe decides to go and talk seriously with that journalist.nnHe finds him and the journalist looks really angry. He starts shouting that kind of things like: YOU!! GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF MY BUSINESS!nnAnd most surprisingly, releases a kick wars against nano Montalvo!nnNano looks at his thigh while he smiles. Bad idea, journalist... this room has the wrong settings and Montalvo already knows it. Why?
    quests.worldcup14_7.questa.name=The wrong piece
    quests.worldcup14_7.questb.completed=But wait, if referees were innocent, why were the theoretically weakest teams beating the strongest ones?nnThere is no case. That's football and anyone can win. MUAHAHAHA!
    quests.worldcup14_7.questb.desc=Police visits the director of the museum and the journalist.
    quests.worldcup14_7.questb.hint=The case is solved, both characters are guilty. What's the penalty? Let's say, red card?
    quests.worldcup14_7.questb.name=The solution

Eccoli invece in lingua italiana (non sono tutti):
quests.worldcup14_1.name=Rispetta il rivale
quests.worldcup14_1.questa.completed=Il giornalista ha configurato male le Impostazioni del Forum, quindi anche le altre persone hanno accesso a tutte quelle informazioni. Aiuta Montalvo a scoprirne di più su questa storia!
quests.worldcup14_1.questa.desc=La star del Calcio Nano Montalvo ha scoperto qualcosa di sospetto
quests.worldcup14_1.questa.hint=Montalvo è annoiato e mentre spende un po' di tempo sul Forum dell'Habbo Gazzetta, scopre che la sezione privata dedicata alle comunicazioni interne tra giornalisti è visibile a tutti.C'è un messaggio che afferma che gli arbitri sono coinvolti in un complotto: stanno ricevendo importanti pezzi d'arte e diamanti falsando i risultati di alcune partite di Calcio.Che strano... ma come ha fatto Montalvo a leggere una pagina privata del Forum?Mostra il Distintivo che dimostra che questo non ti accadrá mai.
quests.worldcup14_1.questa.name=Edizione Straordinaria!
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.completed=Montalvo ha ricevuto il tuo messaggio, ma il giornalista ha già provveduto a correggere il suo errore. Il post del Forum è ora invisibile. Montalvo comincia a preoccuparsi e non riuscirà sicuramente a chiudere occhio. Aiutalo ad avanzare nella sua investigazione!
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.desc=Giornalisti, partite, arbitri corrotti... che scoop!
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.hint=La sueprstar Nano Montalvo prova a partecipare alla discussione rispondendo sul Forum.Mostragli quali Impostazioni dei Forum possono aiutarlo.
quests.worldcup14_1.questb.name=Risultati sospetti?
quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.completed=La guardia finalmente apre la Stanza, e Montalvo vede 2 lavoratori che prendono un quadro dalla parete del Museo appendendo subito dopo un dipinto praticamente uguale. I due guardano Montalvo, che restituisce lo sguardo stupito. Aiutalo ad avanzare nel suo caso!
quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.desc=Il Museo è aperto solo per i VIP questa notte
quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.hint=Il mitico calciatore Nano Montalvo non riesce a dormire. Questo è quel che più odia. \n\nDecide quindi di andare al Museo, che è oggi aperto solo per i calciatori VIP.\n\nCapisce che c'è qualcosa di strano e non riesce a spiegarsi perché il Museo sia aperto solo per i calciatori.\n\nMontalvo sta cercando di convincere una delle guardie a farlo accedere all'area riservata.\n\nCosa dovrebbe fare la guardia per farlo passare? Mostra il Distintivo!
quests.worldcup14_2.day2a.name=Scopri il Museo
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.completed=La guardia ha cambiato le Impostazioni della Stanza e ora Montalvo può attraversare gli altri Habbo. Sta correndo come un disperato, ma è troppo tardi, i 2 sospetti non sono più in Stanza. Aiuta la star delle star ad avanzare nella sua storia.
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.desc=Per la forza del mio piede sinistro!
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.hint=Nano Montalvo, l'uomo che riesce a correre in 6 secondi e fare un gol dietro l'altro, segnando il gol più veloce della storia della Coppa del Mondo, è pronto a correre dietro a due uomini. Ma, all'ultimo secondo una moltitudine di Habbo appare chiedendo foto e autografi al Campione.\n\nMontalvo è bloccato e gli uomini con i dipinti sono ora lontani. Deve riuscire a muoversi se vuole fargli delle domande, ma come può fare? Convinci le guardie a usare le Impostazioni Stanza corrette o Montalvo perderà una buona opportunità di continuare il suo caso.
quests.worldcup14_2.day2b.name=Ferma quegli uomini!
quests.worldcup14_2.museum.chaincaption=Rispetta il rivale
quests.worldcup14_2.name=Rispetta il rivale

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