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Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo

Habbo sta organizzando un evento estivo per i collezionisti! Sarà simile al precedente che è stato organizzato, con box gratuite contenenti nuovissimi oggetti da collezione distribuiti in base ai Livelli del collezionista. Ecco due degli oggetti più rari che aggiungeremo alle scatole:

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Roboti10 Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Roboti11

Habbo distribuirà quindi una serie di speciali box a tema GRATUITE  e tutti i premi saranno considerati oggetti NFT! Il modo in cui questa box verrà distribuita sarà basata sul tuo livello da collezionista, più alto sarà il tuo livello da collezionista, più scatole potrai rivendicare.

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h219 Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h119

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h24_robotik_icm_icon Macchina del Gelato Robotik (Robotik Ice Cream Machine - nft_h24_robotik_icm)

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h24_robotik_fan_icon Ventilatore Robotik (Robotik Powered Fan - nft_h24_robotik_fan)

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo 21914559 Programma collezionabili Grecia Habbo Estate 2024: habbolifeforum.com/t62934-

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo 21914559 Furni collezionabili a tema Grecia NFT: habbolifeforum.com/t62965-

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo 21914559 Indumenti collezionabili NFT estate 2024: habbolifeforum.com/t62929-

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo 2782745477 Cosa ne pensi? Commenta qui sotto! #GreciaNFT

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Re: Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo

Any news about LTD Relics?
Currently, no news about the first release of LTD Relics. The design for this isn't fully done, there are some big decisions we need to take. E.g. how do we brand this type of Collectible, are there any glaring UX issues we need to consider. Then there is likely going to be additional development work and testing needed.

Any news about name minting?
This has been postponed until we have worked on the Modern client and we are happy with it.

Any news about Clothing Factories?
This is in the backlog and the team will *hopefully* start working on it in the next few months.

Any news about development of Habbo X, or the next stage of development for that hotel?
We reviewed the status of Habbo X, and more importantly the beta/Modern client, and we weren't happy with where it is. The main focus is to improve the beta client, and until it is in the state where we can call it our main client, we can't add new features to Habbo X. I want the team to focus on improving the performance and overall look and feel of the beta client first.

Any news about the monthly rewards for holders based on Collector Levels, or other perks based on Collector Levels?
We want the monthly rewards to be Gift Box Collectibles that you can open, and the box rarity will be based on your Collector Level. But before we can start distributing those in the game we need the actual tech for opening the boxes. That tech is being developed but it will take a bit of time as it is not trivial (mainly due to the how slow the blockchain is). The contents of these boxes will remain the same at least for a year, maybe longer (this depends on the art backlog how often we can update them if at all).

Any news about the two speech bubble Collectibles you haven't released yet?
We want to release these for Silver to onboard players into Collectibles at some stage, but no confirmed plans for that, or when this release will take place.

Will items stages 5 and 6 from your long term vision for Habbo Collectibles be delayed because of the release of Origins?
Things are moving but things are moving slower than expected. That has less to do with Origins and more about how slow it is to develop things in Habbo. And that is due to the almost 25 year old code base.

Will the long term development of Habbo X be affected by the release of Habbo Hotel: Origins?
It shouldn't. The focus now is to improve the beta/Modern client so players actually want to use it, then we can start adding features to Habbo X. What we found out last year that players don't really want to build their rooms in the beta client, which makes it very difficult to add content to Habbo X as long as the beta client isn't improved.

What is the plan for minting wearable clothing?
Currently, no news about the first release of Clothing Relics. The design for this isn't fully done, there are some big decisions we need to take. Then there is going to be additional development work and testing needed.

Any plans/polling to gauge if NFT holders get benefits in Habbo Origins? Not necessarily game integration but something like claiming credits/HC from the website.
No plans for this, and it's very unlikely we'll ever add any sort of Collectibles integration into Habbo Hotel: Origins.

For the community creator program, how do we request revisions/next tier upgrade?
Please contact KGeN about this!

Relic names are often wrong after releases, can you pay more attention to this?
We've passed this feedback to the team 👍

With the arrival of Habbo Hotel: Origins, many fear the devaluation of Collectibles in Legacy Hotels. Do you plan to keep Habbo Hotel: Origins open for a while?
We are not here to sustain or increase the value of your Collectibles.

There are currently bugs accessing Habbo X from some macOS devices. Are there any plans to resolve this problem ?
The best thing to do is to submit a detailed bug report here: https://help.habbox.game/hc/en-us/requests/new

Are sets of relics going to have a bonus item?
The plan is to add a bonus item when the Relic sets are complete!

Any plans to release another LTD like the stone skin?
No concrete plans to do this, but we know the community wants us to do this.

Any plans to release badge Collectibles that can be bought in the shop?
No concrete plans to do this, but we know the community wants us to do this.

Are there any plans to invest in marketing and publicity to bring people to the NFT project (and consequently, people to the "legacy hotel")? The way Habbo Hotel: Origins was promoted is a good example of how to market a game.
We have invested in marketing for Habbo X and Collectibles in the past, quite a lot actually. The Smurfs event in Habbo X, the first Habbo X alpha both had money spent on them. Late last year we even ran social ads for Habbo itself, primarily in Brazil.
I agree that Habbo Hotel Origins had a very strong campaign. Myself and the team are very happy with how it went. But Origins is a) an entirely new game and b) and one that has mass appeal beyond our existing player base, so I don't think it's a good comparison to make. Our organic social media content got millions of impressions because the world loves OG Habbo and because it's very easy to relate to people and make an impact on social media when people care and have a deep, nostalgic and emotional connection to a product or brand. Habbo X and Collectibles for the most part doesn't have any of that.
I think, also, you may have it the wrong way round when you say that by bringing "web3 gamers" (a type of gamer I don't think actually exists) or other people into Collectibles, they will start playing Habbo. From my POV anyway and from experience, people are more likely to get into Collectibles if they play and are familiar with Habbo. There are even indicators that that has happened with the launch of Origins, which is fantastic.

Is the partnership with The Sandbox and Galaxy Habbos over? Will we get any additional free content?
It's not over! There is a drop happening later this month 😯 The items Galaxy Habbo owners will be usable in The Sandbox, not Habbo. After that there are no further plans with The Sandbox, and no plans for any additional free content.

Will Habbo soon have its own ERC-20 coin?
No, almost definitely not.

Are you considering switching platform from Immutable to another platform?
No, definitely no plans to do this – everything we've built depends on Immutable and switching would be insanely difficult for us and for the players. We also rely on Immutable's royalties to sustain Collectibles, as small as those are.

Any news about the double perks for Crafted Avatar owners?
We are going to do this! It has a high priority in the backlog, so the team should be taking a look at this reasonably soon.

Any news about Alpha 3 of Habbo X?
No news at the moment. We'd like to have some new features in Habbo X when we do the next bigger event there, but we're focusing more on under the hood, less visible things there at the moment.

Is there any chance that the Habbo X Rooms will be usable in the legacy Hotel, and provide perks there?
We want to add utility to Habbo X Rooms and adding something to Habbo to owners is some thing that is on our radar. However, we're not yet sure what that could be. We've had some discussions what we could provide in Habbo and we have some ideas. If you have ideas, feel free to send them our way and we can review them. Please note that this will definitely not happen this year so this is a long term goal.

When do you plan to release other collectibles like the rooms X and Avatars? We're looking for something that has potential for profit.
Collectibles should not be viewed as something from which you can profit from. These are items that you should use inside Habbo to enhance your experience!

Could you tell us how this global Habbo account would work?
Not yet! When we are closer to releasing this feature, we will explain how it will work.

At some point, do you plan to introduce your own NFT marketplace or one that can be accessed within the game?
This has been in the backlog for a long time. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that having it in the web is difficult, and we've been looking for a partner to implement that and after many meetings with many different providers, I haven't been able to find a suitable one. Adding one in-game is easier but it will take quite a bit of time to add to the game. No timetable yet for this but I hope we are able to start working on it either this year or early next year.

Any news about giving us the opportunity to edit Crafted Avatars without having to spend diamonds or use the trait editor?
That is something that has been in the backlog for some time but there is, and has been more important things we need to spend time on. For example, Clothing Factories are prioritised over this.

Could you add badge Collectibles more frequently?
We're aware the Community wants more badge Collectibles

Will the Furni Emeralds Pay gate be implemented in Habbo at some point?
That's an option but we haven't made any decisions yet.

Do you plan to keep releasing 10 Relics every 2 weeks? Or will you increase the velocity / release size, and include the newer Shop items as well?
For the next few weeks/months we will do Relic releases at the same speed, but we will have a look at this in more details after the team comes back from their summer holidays. We'd like to start including new items we release in Collector Cabinets.

Will you add more items to Furni Factories?
No, no plans to do this.

Will you make sure that you don't add Collectibles that exceed the value of 2,500 Emeralds every month?
No, we don't intend to self-impose limits on the weekly pricing of Collectibles.

Will you add the miniature rares as Relics in the future?
We may do in the future!

Are the recent bugs we experienced with Habbo features to do with Origins?
They have nothing to do with Origins. It is more about us touching old Habbo features no one has touched in ages (quests for example) and stuff breaking because of it.

Which product are the team most focused on? Habbo, Habbo Collectibles, or Habbo Hotel: Origins?
Regarding Habbo vs. Origins we have different people working on each of the products, so they're not competing for the same resources. As we add more Collectibles features to Habbo those are now part of Habbo roadmap. Currently it's about 50/50 – half of the features are related to Collectibles, the other half is non-collectibles Habbo features.

Do you intend to implement emeralds in the classic/modern client along with the in-game NFT store (the same as the collectibles website)?
Yes that will be coming. Hopefully within the next few months

Can you elaborate on the long-term release plan for Relics?
We may increase the velocity of releases and we may release newer items into Collector Cabinets, but at this stage we can't give any more information about whether we'll add lots of items at one time, or make a large swathe of rares available to mint at one time.

Do you plan in the long term to deliver new bonus items to collections that already had their first bonus?
No, definitely no plans to do this.

Will you distribute new Community Pillars?
No plans to do this.

What has happened to the rest of the "Collector's Guild" Collection ?
This Collection is still open, but it remains to be seen whether we add new items to it.

Are there any plans/measurements to prevent people from becoming less interested in Collectibles, and to integrate Collectibles into Origins or somehow add value / incentive for holders who also play origins?
We think it's a good thing people are interested in Origins. The reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive.

Would it be possible to bring back "habbo.jp" !?
No plans to do this.

Can you rebrand the Collectibles Discord as a Habbo Discord?
No plans to do this – when Origins hype has died down we plan to remove the Origins chat channel and role, and delete the two forums players have added. However these plans could change.

Wouldnt it be a better fit to release all the games on Steam and Epic instead of investing time and work into your own launcher?
We have looked into this. There are benefits and drawbacks to releasing in those stores, but currently the feeling is that we want to have our own launcher.

Could you add a "Official community partners" page on the habbo x website?
No plans to do this, but we may do it in the future.

Why were some rare classic collectibles that were released for minting not sold in every hotel store?
If you want those items you can buy them as Relics. This is one of the big benefits of Relics, actually

Can you make it possible to search by Collectible name on the Habbo Collectibles Inventory website page?
We've added this feature request to the development backlog.

Are airdrops and rewards for Habbo Avatar and Crafted Avatars over?
Not necessarily, no. If we provide additional perks, items and benefits for avatar owners we will let you know!

Are Habbo Avatars and Crafted Avatars still considered "premium"?
Yes, they are both Premium Collectibles, and are considered the flagship Collectibles in the ecosystem.

Can I sell now or will they get additional perks and free content in the future?
You can check the long term vision for the things we plan to release (https://collectibles.habbo.com/roadmap/) Do what you will with the information there: you are free to sell your avatars whenever you like 🤝

When will P2P trading in game finally come back?
We are pretty close to re-enabling this feature!

Could you update us on the progress of the furni duplication bug?
No updates on this currently, more news when we have it.

Why is the Collector XP given for some items very low, or inconsistent? Is there any methodology for deciding how much XP each item gets?
XP is based on a few things: 1. Rarity, 2. Item type (furni, clothes,...), 3. Item source (cratfting, set reward, shop, ...) and on top of that we give extra weight to some specific collections we feel deserve it. For example, common furni's default XP is 10, common clothes is 20, and so on. There are and have been some errors with this and we asked the devs to update the scores of those that are incorrect.

Will Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars get additional perks and benefits in the future?
No plans to provide more perks to these specific rarities, but if we do, we will let you know!

Will we be able to transform LTDs and rare trophies (NRJ, Habbo, Wolf etc.. ) into Relics in the future?
LTDs, yes. But no news about whether or not trophies would be added to Collector Cabinets.

You promised to separate the collectibles and habbo origins channels, so why aren't we seeing this in practice?
I think punishing people for mistakenly talking about Origins in the language chat channels is quite harsh, personally. It's also worth emphasising that the Origins channels are temporary and were added based on community feedback, and that if you dislike seeing people chat about Origins, you could block them.

Why aren't you passing the feedback in this channel to the team?
These questions have been passed to, seen by, and answered by the wider team. General feedback is also passed to the team regularly, so I'm not sure why you're saying feedback is not passed on 🤔

Can you hire three separate teams to manage Habbo X, Habbo Classic, and Habbo Origins?
That is a question for Azerion. We really hope Habbo Hotel: Origins is successful enough for us to get more budget to hire more people for Origins.

Will any prospective second Habbo Avatar collection have the same benefits as the first collection?
Extremely unlikely we'd release more Habbo Avatars so not worth even speculating on what benefits they'd have.

When are you showing July's Relics?
We plan to show them in early July!

Habbo X Rooms are a scam because you said the items would change
We have no plans to add additional items to existing Furni Factories, and we never promised that we would do. If you can show us where we did promise this, I would be very grateful. If you have no examples of where we said this, it'd be great if you could stop making loud, angry, and baseless accusations against us 😅

With the delay in the implementation of Habbo X and the possibility of it not being implemented at all, what will you do regarding the promised features for Habbo X Rooms?
I'm assuming you mean features for Habbo X, not Habbo X Rooms as we have no plans to develop further features or perks/benefits specifically for Habbo X Rooms.

You said that you wanted to implement mini games in Habbo. When will this happen and what will they look like?
We are going through our options and we have been discussing both the types of mini games you would have found in the Game Centre, and Wired-based mini games. To my understanding our Wired tech has improved a lot in the recent months so it is more likely we will have Wired-based mini games first.

Will crafted avatars be able to benefit from the avatar rarity’s that were used to craft it for the clothing factory or is it going to be crafted avatar specific clothing factory traits.?
Most likely we will copy the "rarity" feature from Furni Factories, where you'll get a rarity based box as an option. The rarity in avatars' case would be the Effect trait (the background color). This is not yet set in stone but that is the design we have at the moment.

When will the new achievements for the relic mint be implemented?
Unconfirmed currently, keep your eye on our social media channels and website!

When will we have new NFT pets (like the dragon dog)?
No plans to do more pet Collectibles currently, keep your eye on our social media channels and website!

Could you add a basic dance animation for Habbo action figures? Please, they are so cute and nostalgic when they are dancing!
No plans to do this, but thanks for the feedback!

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Re: Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo


Re: Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo 1765539963

Re: Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo


Re: Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h219 Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h119

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h24_robotik_icm_icon Macchina del Gelato Robotik (Robotik Ice Cream Machine - nft_h24_robotik_icm)

Furni rari classici Robotik NFT in arrivo Nft_h24_robotik_fan_icon Ventilatore Robotik (Robotik Powered Fan - nft_h24_robotik_fan)
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