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Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem

Habbo is one of the world’s oldest internet-based games. With over 21 years of history, more than 18,000 unique items created, an iconic art style and a rapidly growing list of NFTs and associated integrations, it’s a bustling, vibrant, sandbox-style location in the metaverse with an extremely passionate and active community

Core activities in Habbo:

● Trading: the variety of items and complex economy makes in-game trading an extremely popular activity.
● Chatting and socialising: this is the bread and butter of Habbo.
● Building: the sandbox-style set up and number of items to use makes building rooms and games an extremely complex and rewarding activity.

Habbo NFTs:

There are five types of Habbo NFT:

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3491

1. Avatars
2. In-game items (furniture, clothing, effects)
3. Portraits
4.NFT credit furni (ERC721 tokens that represent different denominations of NFT credits)
5. Rooms (arriving with Habbo X: an upcoming, NFT-focused Habbo server).

Habbo Avatars

There are two Habbo Avatar collections:

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3492

1. Genesis Avatars
2. Master Genesis Avatars (Mast r Genesis avatars are yet to be minted, see this proposal). Master Genesis avatars are the combination of two Genesis Avatars, which results in Master Genesis being given double perks. For example, double airdrops.

Habbo X and NFT rooms:
Avatars will combine two NFTs: the in-game avatar itself and its room.

Utility in Habbo:
● Active Habbo Builders Club and Habbo Club membership ($15/month)
● Exclusive looks: no way to replicate them

Utility in Habbo X:
● Room included with the avatar
● Exclusive looks
● Highest earnings tier: play and earn the most

Utility in the Habbo NFT ecosystem:
● Earn NFT credits: between 10 - 13 per day
● Get airdrops of in-game NFT items usable in Habbo and Habbo X

Other utility
● Perks and entry to external metaworlds in which we buy and own land
● Merchandise: buy IRL Habbo clothing and get its metaverse equivalent too

Habbo Portraits

Portraits were a free mint for Habbo Avatar owners. Minting ended in January 2022.Portraits have less utility than Habbo Avatars but they still get some perks.

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3493

Portraits will receive some of the same airdrops Avatars get. In Habbo X, portrait traits and looks can be used on your in-game avatar. Portraits receive between 5 - 8 NFT credits per day.

Habbo NFT Credit Furni:

The Habbo NFT ecosystem’s currency is called NFT credits. It is the fuel of the ecosystem that is needed to use features and purchase NFTs. Portraits and avatars accumulate between 5-13 credits per day.

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3494

The NFT credits are centralized and they cannot be purchased from DEXes. But users can mint NFT credit furni on our website which can be sold and/or exchanged back into NFT credits. They can also be used in-game as furniture items to show off your wealth, just like other NFT furni.

NFT credits are needed for things like crafting, minting Master Genesis Avatars, purchasing in-game NFT items, minting NFT rooms in Habbo X, and much more. We aim to include limited numbers of NFTs from our parent company’s (Azerion) NFT projects to be purchasable with NFT credits.

In-game Habbo items:

Airdropped to Habbo Avatar and sometimes to portrait owners. Immediate utility: You can use these items in Habbo and in Habbo X when it releases!

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3495

There’s already a community of 500,000 active users who can use these items in Habbo. We aim to create an in-game NFT marketplace to facilitate
NFT trading in Habbo.

In-game Habbo NFTs are ERC721 tokens and are released on layer 2 solution Immutable X.

Crafting: some items are upgradable. I.e. you can burn five bronze Holo Steampunk Robots to get a gold one.

Habbo X NFT Rooms:

To be released in 2022 with Habbo X. Rooms will be used in Habbo X for creating play-to-earn games. Room owners can charge entrance fees or participation fees. Habbo Avatars will have a room included with their avatar.

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3496

There will be five sizes: small, standard, large, X-large, and XX-large. Rooms are upgradable: You can use NFT credits to make the room larger. For example, upgrading a small room to standard will cost 500 NFT credits*

Habbo X:

Habbo X contents

1. Design philosophy
2. NFT rooms
3. Habbo Avatar perks
4. Room Blueprints
5. Play-and-earn
6. Tokenomics
7. Release schedule

1. Habbo X: Design philosophy
”We want to create a place where anyone can create and host their own play-to-earn games. We also want Habbo X to be a hub for all NFT projects, and
we will provide these projects with the tools needed to engage their communities there.”

We also want to engage the current Habbo community and incentivise playing both the existing game as well as Habbo X.

2. Habbo X: NFT rooms
Rooms are the core of Habbo. Your own rooms are where you can go to unleash your creativity. While in the current Habbo you get your room for free
and you pay for the items you put in it, in Habbo X this is reversed: you have to buy and own your room but you have a huge selection of items and furniture to build your room with.

Room owners can create games, social hubs... pretty much anything they want. They can charge a fee for room entry or for participating in a game.

There will be items that can automate the reward giving process: you’ll be able to set it so that winners receive NFTs, NFT credits or ERC-20 tokens from your wallet. The core loop here is simple: create a game with good rewards so others want to play your game, and you earn from the participation fee. But you don’t have to build games or charge any fees. You can also create fun community areas for others to hang out in.

There are five room sizes which dictate how many tiles there are in the room and which layouts you can use. The rooms are upgradable: you can use NFT credits to permanently increase the size of your room. Remember: Habbo Avatar NFTs include one of these rooms.

3. Habbo X: avatars and perks

Your Ethereum wallet is your account in Habbo X. You can use ENS and Nametag as your name. Some names will be blacklisted, however.

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3497

The default look for all avatars is the same. You can change the looks by:
1. Using your Habbo Avatar
2. Using in-game NFT clothing
3. Owning a collab NFT that unlocks specific, exclusive looks

Habbo Avatars will be in the highest earnings tier in the play-to-earn games in Habbo X.

Every avatar will include a room that is similar to NFT rooms. If you sell your avatar, you will lose the room associated with the avatar. Genesis Avatars start with a standard room and Master Genesis start with a large room. You can upgrade them with NFT credits.

All players will have a small demo room where they can test out room building. These demo rooms cannot be used for play-to-earn games and will have strict limits on the number of other users allowed in concurrently.

We will also implement avatar renting feature where you can rent an avatar from an owner, and enjoy Habbo Avatar perks in Habbo X. The main reason why you would want to do this is to get the maximum earnings from your playing time.

4. Habbo X: room blueprints

Building a game in Habbo can be tricky, particularly if the game itself is complex. We do not expect everyone to be able to create these games. Indeed,
there are expert builders in Habbo who can help you out!

We will release a blueprint feature where anyone can create a cool room design or a game and sell it as a blueprint. The builder can set the price and
number of blueprints available.

Anyone can purchase a blueprint, but you need an NFT room or a Habbo Avatar to be able to use the blueprint. In addition, the room will need to have
enabled the layout in the blueprint, i.e., it will need to be the right size.

5. Habbo X: play-and-earn

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3498

There are several ways you can earn by playing Habbo X:

1. Owning a room and charging an entry fee or a participation fee.
2. Owning a popular room – we will allocate some amount of currency to the owners of the most popular rooms.
3. Play user-generated games – these games may give rewards.
4. Play Habbo games – we will also host games that will drop NFTs and currency. For example, SnowStorm.
5. Complete tasks – we aim to release daily tasks that will reward you with NFTs and currency.
6. Hangout and chat – we aim to give a small amount of rewards daily for Habbo Avatar and collab partners.

Habbo X: play-and-earn

Depending on the NFTs you own, you’ll be able to earn different amounts while playing Habbo X:
● Free to play players will receive 1x rewards.
● Owners of specific collab partnership NFTs will receive 5x rewards.
● Habbo Avatar owners will gain 10x-20x rewards.

For example, if a game drops 10 currency, free to play players earn 10 currency, collab partners get 50 currency and Habbo Avatar player receives between 100-200 currency (final multiplier TBD).

6. Habbo X: tokenomics

We are working towards an ERC-20 token that would replace the NFT credits and that would be the in-game currency in Habbo X and the fuel
for the NFT ecosystem. We will release more information about the token later this year.

Habbo X: Release schedule

We will release Habbo X in several steps:
1. Alpha 1: Only Habbo Avatar holders are able to play the game.
2. Alpha 2: Habbo Avatar and portrait holders and a couple of top tier collab collections can join as well.
3. Closed beta: we add more collabs.
4. Open beta: everyone can join.
5. Version 1.0: full release. The Alpha version will be stripped down but we will keep adding more and more features as we progress towards the full release.

We aim to release Alpha 1 latest 2022-Q4.


Our goal is to make Habbo and Habbo X the main place in the metaverse for NFT projects.

● Habbo X, in particular, will be a place for the NFT community to gather and build play-to-earn games.
● We can offer exclusive items to NFT collections that come to Habbo and Habbo X.
● We have several blue chips and popular alpha channels with items and perks all prepared and ready for their space in Habbo. Watch our Twitter and Discord for updates...


An NFT ecosystem beyond Habbo...

Sulake’s parent company Azerion is also working towards NFTs. They have strong connections to various companies that could be potential NFT partners. We aim to incorporate these projects into our Habbo NFT ecosystem through various means. Mints with NFT credits, whitelists spots, Habbo integrations and lots of other utility is on the table.

We also plan to introduce Habbo Avatars and play-to-earn features to various external metaworlds. The goal is to have a marketplace for the whole ecosystem where one currency is Habbo NFT credits.


All team members are either full time Sulake employees or consultants. Currently, the team consists of 22 full time employees.

Dr. Mika “Muumiopappa” Timonen – founder and product lead. Has been in the NFT space over a year. Started with NBA Top Shot and then minted BAYCs #414 and #415.

Currently holds:
- Close to 500 NBA Top Shot moments
- Over 200 Ethereum NFTs
- Over 100 Tezos NFTs

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3499

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3500

Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem Sche3501

The Habbo Avatar project is something we planned and executed ourselves, in-house. Members of the Habbo art and developer teams have been involved, as well as staff from Sulake’s community team. We didn’t outsource much of it, and it’s something we see as a long term thing that will grow and eventually contribute to other areas of Habbo, and indeed Hotel Hideaway.
A special mention should go to the project’s mastermind: Muumiopappa. Muumiopappa is a gaming and NFT fanatic based out of Helsinki, Finland. He’s the lead game designer for Habbo’s sister game, Hotel Hideaway, and his background is in data and computer science. He’s also an avid NFT collector, having got his two Bored Apes as they were minted. He also owns a fair amount of other NFTs in various blockchains; including Tezos and Flow. Finally, he is also a huge believer in play to earn mechanics and NFTs in general.
Habbo Avatars has been a really, really fun thing to work on. We’re super excited to see what happens next and where we go next.

More info on nft.habbo.com
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Gran progetto. vedremo come evolverà. Interessante il fatto di poter indossare i tratti dei portraits, fino ad ora era solo un'ipotesi ma sembra che sia davvero in programma. So che molti avatar owner si erano opposti a questa eventualità (per via dei diversi prezzi dei due item) ma si vede che lo staff ha deciso per il si.

Re: Habbo, Habbo NFTs and Habbo X ecosystem

Per le stanze beh secondo me è tutto un po' poco chiaro; fino a che non giocheremo e costruiremo e creeremo giochi e progetti in Habbo-X non potremo veramente sapere come funzioni tutto:( Interessante è il fatto di poter affittare gli avatar ma secondo me adesso costano così poco (meno di 300 euro) che se lo compreranno tutti.

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