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[COM] Game Bad Bunny by HabboCreate

Messaggio Da Tortinoblu il Sab 10 Mar 2018 - 12:33

Join HabboCreate in their event telling a story of a bad bunny, and earn yourself a badge right after!

Room Name: [HBC] Bad Bunny – Entrance

1) Wait for the game to finish to teleport.

2) Grab the right flower to teleport.

3) Enter the teleporter.

4) Flick the switch.

5) Patiently wait in the queue. Flick the switches per column only when the chocolates are on the pink tiles. You have 1 minute to complete this.

6) Enter the teleporter.

7) Wait patiently in the queue.

8) Only flick the switch when the following 3 items are infront of you.

9) When the tile below the switch is green, say done to teleport.

10) Enter the teleport.

11) Walk to the milk and cookies, only when the bot is not facing the direction shown below.

12) Enter the teleporter.

13) Wait patiently in the queue. Guide the bunny using the arrow tiles to the color tiles to turn them red. Avoid colliding with the bot while doing so. Walk on the pressure plate when done.

14) Enter the teleporter.

15) Flick all three switches below while going through the roller maze to open the gate at the end.

16) Enter the teleporter.

17) Flick the switch.

18) Wait for the bot story to finish.

19) Enter the teleporter for your badge.

Compliments! You will receive this badge:

You helped Bad Bunny learn his lesson! Chocolate for everybody!

Comment on this news! (Thank to HabboQuests for the guide)

Utente Liv.1

<b>Messaggi</b> Messaggi : 45
<b>Likes</b> Likes : 0

Re: [COM] Game Bad Bunny by HabboCreate

Messaggio Da Mattia il Sab 10 Mar 2018 - 15:32

Bello il distintivo!


<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : kaselli
<b>Messaggi</b> Messaggi : 68248
<b>Likes</b> Likes : 997

Re: [COM] Game Bad Bunny by HabboCreate

Messaggio Da ,Kal il Lun 12 Mar 2018 - 12:20



<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : ,Kal
<b>Messaggi</b> Messaggi : 2525
<b>Likes</b> Likes : 56

Re: [COM] Game Bad Bunny by HabboCreate

Messaggio Da symon96 il Lun 12 Mar 2018 - 15:24

Non uso molto spesso gli habbo stranieri, comunque grazie lo stesso . Il distintivo è carino si

Forum Gamer

<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : simone156Amico
<b>Messaggi</b> Messaggi : 5013
<b>Likes</b> Likes : 65

Re: [COM] Game Bad Bunny by HabboCreate

Messaggio Da Andrea. il Lun 16 Apr 2018 - 14:31

Grazie mille!


<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : patriziaBaby
<b>Messaggi</b> Messaggi : 13038
<b>Likes</b> Likes : 435

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