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Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da HabbolifeForum Mar 22 Nov 2016 - 11:18

The state of the Habbo economy: A few years back, CrazyAceOne took you through some of the fundamental basics of Habbo’s economy. The post actually turned out to be popular, so we thought that a rehash was in order. We thought we’d be able to bring some of the economy statistics up to date and flesh out some of the furni definitions we wrote about previously. So, here goes!

Se hai difficoltà nel leggere l'articolo in inglese, clicca qui.

Furni definitions

Please note that these definitions are very broad – some furni fits into more than one category!

  • Catalogue furni: this is furni that is always in the Catalogue, no matter what time of the year. Habbos sometimes refer to it as ‘permanent’ or ‘norms’. For example, most clothing is part of this category. At the moment, the entire Kitchen line is also considered part of it too. The purpose of these items is to make sure there is a near-infinite supply of basic building blocks to make nice looking rooms. We want builders to have access to the tools they need, and this is a great way to make sure they do!
  • Campaign furni: this is furni we make to accompany campaigns we run. For example, it includes new furni lines we make for Christmas and New Year, but also for other campaigns (for example, Stranded Jungle and Easter Fashion Week). Once a campaign has ended, we avoid selling the furni we made again for 4-12 months in order to leave an ample window for traders to build their businesses around them. It also leaves a chance for the economy to stabilise.
  • Seasonal furni: to celebrate certain holidays (for example Valentine’s Day or Halloween), we re-release old furni lines and bundles from previous campaigns. The aim of this is to give builders and traders the opportunity to stock up on furni that’s considered classic and to generate a bit of nostalgia in the Hotel!
  • Rare furni: this is an extremely broad category of furni, but the basic premise behind it is that this type of furni is only available for a limited time and will never be re-released. They are mainly for collectors and traders. Rares are a good opportunity for traders since the supply will not go up and in many cases will go down or consolidate as users collect them or use them in their rooms.
  • Rare crackable furni: this is a special type of rare that is bought and then ‘cracked’ to reveal another, random rare furni. There can be many potential furni that result in cracking one of these, and each furni has different probabilities. So, for example, Party Hat Gift Boxes were available to buy during Christmas and New Year in 2015, and contained a Turqouise, White, Black, Purple, Orange or Gold Party Hat. The gold one was the most rare and therefore became the most in demand and most expensive hat in the economy.
  • Rare clothing: clothing that has a red coat hanger is considered rare. Like rare furni, this means that they will never be sold again, so traders often see them as wise investment choices.
  • LTDs: this is a special type of rare, which comes in limited quantities. We couldn’t exceed the quantity limit if we wanted to! There is also an item number on each LTD making them truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Credit furni: this is a type of furni that has a very safe and stable trade value – it is always worth the same amount of credits. For example, a single gold bar will always be worth 50 credits. When you use this gold bar in a trade with another Habbo, it will automatically be changed back into credits. Likewise, if a Habbo trades you a gold bar, 50 credits will appear in your purse. This makes credit furni the most convenient way to conduct high-value trades in trade rooms.
  • Rare credit furni: this is credit furni that has a specific, stable value but that is only ever released once. For this reason, traders tend to not use them in trades with other Habbos so that the furni itself isn’t converted into credits. Rare credit furni is often sold via the Marketplace instead because credit furni sold here isn’t automatically changed back into credits.
  • Bonus rares: every time a Habbo purchases 120 credits, they are automatically given a Bonus Bag. This bag is a rare 'crackable’ furni (see above) and contains one of usually six collectible furni. These furni can be a variety of things, but a lot of the time they are collectible plants – perfect additions to your room.
  • Bundle exclusives: to make bundles that extra little bit special, a lot of the time we include one or more furni that can only be found in that bundle. Sometimes we put multiples of the same furni inside, and sometimes we put different exclusive furni in. These furni are not considered rare so we may resell the bundle at a later date. We typically only do this when selling the entire bundle with the exclusive furni inside.

We hope that clears up any ambiguities. We try and make trading as fun an experience as possible, but it’s important to remember that a lot of the time the economy is best left to its own devices. The fluctuating aftermarket values of non-credit furni actually allow for opportunities to trade and profit and market driven forces ensure that those values are relevant to the demand in your local hotel's economy.

Habbo Economy Statistics

So, let's dive into some stats! This year, 4,373,036 items have been traded on the Marketplace so far, with a total value of 110,147,058 credits. That’s a LOT of trading, people!
Here’s a breakdown by each site for you all:

Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016 Screen11

We also broke down every site’s top 10 traded item on the Marketplace by value and quantity. The image is big so we had to host it on imgur.

Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016 ScIPgpi

Please note that all of the above statistics are only Marketplace trades – they don’t take into account trades made inside trade rooms.

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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da Voldemort33221 Mar 22 Nov 2016 - 15:19

L'economia di habbo è uno schifo... nabbi che mettono rari che si svalutano a 1000, ma vai via Sulake...

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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da ricmanu Mar 22 Nov 2016 - 15:24


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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da Podcast Mar 22 Nov 2016 - 21:23

molto utile

Utente Liv.4

<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : Podcast
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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da Mattia Mar 22 Nov 2016 - 23:21

Gli scambi si riferiscono solo al mercatino, ovviamente Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016 2595762641


<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : kaselli
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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da symon96 Lun 28 Nov 2016 - 1:53

@Podcast ha scritto:molto utile


<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : simone156Amico
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Re: Update: the state of the Habbo economy 2016

Messaggio Da Nico-Idv Sab 17 Dic 2016 - 13:18

Pensavo peggio...

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<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : Nico-Idv
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