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[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake

Messaggio Da Gabry Gio 15 Mar 2012 - 16:25

Promemoria primo messaggio :

La lista degli Staff Sulake è stata aggiornata.


[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 Bd71b7c3aa408746d1f21df7129dc057

Contrary to common belief, I am NOT Optimus Prime. Too bad, but hey, I'm a close second [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 375707. My name is Arne and most of the Dutch community might know me as Crowley or Airblender. I have worked at Habbo for five years now as Hotel Manager, Regional Hotel Manager and now as Senior Campaign Producer. Meaning, that if some special campaign or promo gets your attention, I most likely had something to do with it [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 726990. I am curious to hear your thoughts about the future. About great new ideas or things you saw at different games that you think would work in Habbo as well. Let me know and see you in Habbo!



[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 27d84c804c4976995109cdf58764d4a2

Hey, I am Heini, the Head of Product. I've been around for a bit over 7 years now. I started in the marketing looking after the beloved blue/yellow website, moved on to design the web with homes and groups and then to take care of the whole product. I work with a bunch of talented people: our creative directors, designers, developers and producers, helping them to decide on what to work on next, but also sometimes nitpicking on tiny design issues (shouldn't be doing that, I know...) My mission is to make Habbo the best place to hang out, and I am here to listen to your ideas as well as answer any questions you may have. Yes, also those "why did you do this" ones [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 375707



[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 Hanneletwit

Hi! My name's Hannele and I work in Habbo Payments. It's my job to make sure you can get Habbo Credits as quick and as easy as possible, no matter where in the world you live. You know what works best for you, so please let me know your thoughts and feedback – what's the easiest way to buy Credits? What payment methods do you prefer? Where do you want to be able to buy Habbo Game Cards from? Let me know [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 375707



[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 Giorgotwit

Hello! I'm Giorgo and I run online communication here at Habbo. I find cool shareable content and bring it to the masses. I love checking out jokes, jaw-dropping visuals, and viral videos. Visit my office and you'll find me in front of my macbook laughing hysterically. Point me toward the best rooms, ALTS, and videos and I'll get them the attention they deserve. If you want to see more of your interest in Habbo channels, send your ideas my way.



[ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake - Pagina 2 Inkatwit

Hey, I am Inka, and I'm the Creative Director of Product and Concept Design in Habbo. I have been around for over 4 years working in the Core product design team together with awesome people. I work with our designers, developers, producers and game developers on a daily basis. Together we make pixels come to life in new concepts and ideas. I am interested in your thoughts and ideas on how to make the Habbo experience more fun, meaningful, creative and social. Let me know how to bring more value to the Habbo experience.



<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : Gabbo....
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Re: [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake

Messaggio Da Token Sab 17 Mar 2012 - 15:45

:jiji: wn :yupi:

Utente Liv.1

<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : .:VIP-Tailer:.
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Re: [ALL] Nuovi Staff Sulake

Messaggio Da HabboOk! Ven 15 Set 2017 - 11:30


Utente Liv.6

<b>Nome Habbo</b> Nome Habbo : HabboOk!
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